Are websites still relevant?

March 21, 2021
Posted by
Glenda Guajardo

It's 2022.... and we are asking the question many of you have asked yourselves. Are corporate website still relevant today? With the entrance of so much new technology and software, does it make sense to still have a corporate website?


Yes, because search engines are still the number one way consumers find you online. Your website is indexed in all the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.. Those search engines do server up other kinds of pages such as social media pages, YouTube channels etc. but having a website that is found online is critical to your businesses success.

If huge multi-billion dollar corporations still have and utilize their corporate websites, than everyone in business should follow suit.

There has been a huge emergence of landing pages, sales funnels etc. that have taken place of dedicated product or server offerings, but those are still in addition to your main company website.

The methodology we use here at Primo is called our "HUB" and "SPOKE" model. This model works by our main company website being the HUB that extends out to all SPOKES which are social media outlets, landing pages, podcasts, blogs, etc. and all of them lead back to our company site. This model allows us to drive traffic to and from all marketing efforts so that none are waisted and lead consumers astray.

Every piece of content we create is interconnected, has a purpose, and stay's within the framework we have established.

We believe websites will remain relevant for years to come, until something replaces search engines. The Googles and Bing's of the world might never let that happen.