Proper Healthcare

How to introduce a new, better way to do Health Insurance. Proper Healthcare needed help getting introduced to the market.

Proper Healthcare was a newly formed company that was in need of a voice. Primo Motif helped Proper create not only their brand but their entire online and offline presence. Marketing a company today has to really come across with a very clear and easy to understand message. Since most people are familiar with the current health insurance market, we really had to focus on teaching and explaining how Proper makes it better and easier to be insured. We had to create and establish a brand that would represent a company that accurately represented Proper’s values, and ethics.

Starting with the Branding our focus was to create and build a solid foundation for Proper Healthcare to establish itself in the marketplace, and allow itself the best chance to grow.

Primo Motif helped build the Proper Healthcare foundation for successful market entry. It established and defined styles and guides that will help Proper to market it in a way that is cohesive and all-inclusive. Primo created and built a website that is designed in a way to educate and informs potential customers on the benefits of selecting Proper Healthcare.

Primo not only created a brand and an online presence, but established a digital marketing plan, designed and created marketing materials, and created an online marketing video.