Luminous Church

Current online presence didn’t match the brand of Luminous Church

Luminous Church approached Primo Motif for a refresh of their current website. They felt that their current site didn’t align from a brand nor marketing perspective. Most of the audience is a younger demographic, therefore their messaging, and marketing needed to better align itself with its audience.

Create a website that captured the essence of the Luminous church brand, and present it in a way the audience will understand.

When we took on the task of re-designing the existing website, we started out by researching and putting together a user persona, which captures the target audience. When you understand the audience you are speaking to, you are able to design specifically for that audience. Since the target market was more youthful in age, we decided to add elements that would improve user experience and engagement. We settled on video, beautiful photography, and easy to read page layouts.

When we did user testing, the feedback was aligned with our original goals for the project. We were able to re-create and re-brand Luminous Church in a way that would really resonate with its members. The new website was very well received and has helped launch Luminous Church forward in their online marketing strategy.