EMD Inc.

EMD is a provider of Electrical Panels for Refineries.

The current layout and design for the existing website was very outdated and did not comply with current tech specifications. The site itself was not mobile-friendly, and would not display correctly on modern devices. The content management system it was built on was tremendously outdated and therefore was not easily updatable.

EMD came to Primo Motif for a complete site overhaul

One of the first things we did was identify the desired goals for the new website. We always start by identifying and or defining the desired goals for any website project. We then captured the main calls to action and designed the site to lead the user through the desired path. We provided the user multiple touch-points to interact and contact EMD for more information.

The new website we created was built with the latest in technology, and is now scalable and viewable on multiple devices. The site matches the EMD brand, and stays consistent with the brand messaging.