Proper Healthcare

How to introduce a new, better way to do Health Insurance. Proper Healthcare needed help getting introduced to the market.

Proper Healthcare was a newly formed company that was in need of a voice. Primo Motif helped Proper create not only their brand but their entire online and offline presence. Marketing a company today has to really come across with a very clear and easy to understand message. Since most people are familiar with the current health insurance market, we really had to focus on teaching and explaining how Proper makes it better and easier to be insured. We had to create and establish a brand that would represent a company that accurately represented Proper’s values, and ethics.

Starting with the Branding our focus was to create and build a solid foundation for Proper Healthcare to establish itself in the marketplace, and allow itself the best chance to grow.

Primo Motif helped build the Proper Healthcare foundation for successful market entry. It established and defined styles and guides that will help Proper to market it in a way that is cohesive and all-inclusive. Primo created and built a website that is designed in a way to educate and informs potential customers on the benefits of selecting Proper Healthcare.

Primo not only created a brand and an online presence, but established a digital marketing plan, designed and created marketing materials, and created an online marketing video.

Rilla Contractors

With a new mission, Rilla Construction Company was in search for a new identity.

After several years in business, Rilla Construction Company decided it was time to focus on the brand, and messaging they are sharing with the world. They realized that it was time to better align the vision and the company with a unified brand. Primo Motif had to start with research in order to understand the target customer for their company. We had to make sure the brand we created really resonated with its target audience.

Rilla wanted a brand that would portray toughness, reliability, and seriousness. They also wanted to incorporate a Gorilla as their brand mascot.

Since Rilla was named after “Gorilla”, we decided to make sure the brand incorporated their mascot, but in a more modern way. We presented to them a brand that has multiple uses such as web, print, and online media. We incorporated every color into their style guide, and have created them a brand that reflects the spirit of their original idea.

With a style guide and a brand guide in place, Rilla is set to start marketing, and presenting itself into the marketplace.

ML Healthcare

As a leader in the Healthcare industry, it was important to ML Healthcare to carry the quality and care they value, across on the design and marketing materials.

In the middle of a re-brand, ML Healthcare came to Primo Motif Ad & Design Agency, with a need to re-brand and re-introduce itself to the marketplace. ML Healthcare’s primary concern was that the new brand would speak directly to it’s target market. The new website would also need to be very easy to use, and accessible on every type of device.

Re-Design the brand and the online presence keeping the Company’s heart in mind.

We began the company’s transformation starting with the brand. Laying a solid foundation for the company’s new identity was critical to the entire project. After several rounds of strategic design, we were able to create a solid identity.

Once the brand and identity was decided upon, our next step was to define the style and create company guidelines. We defined the company color’s, fonts, image direction, etc. that was then used to help re-design the company’s website. The new website was critical in letting the market re-discover ML Healthcare.

Legal Stream

The Legal Stream Software would be introduced to the Marketplace while creating a new market itself.

Legal Stream would be one of the first companies to create software that would assist in the communication of legal cases and medical professionals. The biggest problem was the market itself was extremely new, therefore the research needed to create the brand was not easily available.

Translate the effectiveness of Legal Stream so that it matches it’s new brand.

When we started the branding process, we wanted to include the connection the software actually makes between lawyers and doctors. We wanted to fluid channel of constant communication to be represented in the icon. We felt it was critical for Legal Stream’s audience could see and connect with how the software would function.

Once we defined the icon, we were able to complete the brand with a color palette that comes across reliable, smart, and effective. Use of color theory was integral in helping us choose the right color combinations. The new brand was very well received.

Sage Energy Services

Recent Acquisition created the need for Sage Energy to establish itself in the marketplace.

With the recent merger and acquisition of an energy company, Sage Enviro came to Primo Motif to help create it’s own identity and online presence. Starting from ground zero, we were able to get creative, and have free range for the website and the new brand.

Incorporate the hardworking individuals the makeup the new company, as well as combine the multiple service offerings into a singular brand and vision.

Sage Energy services offering ranges construction, pipeline, and general refinery maintenance. The oil and gas industry is extensive, and making sure Sage Energy Services stands out was the main goal to resolve.

Sage Energy Services was very please with the new identity. They felt it represented the brand to perfection, and the online presence was key for the company securing multiple large contracts.

Anthony Boelens Realty

Separate Anthony Boelens Realty from the rest of the market as the leader in luxury real estate.

Anthony Boelens set out to establish itself in the highly competitive Real Estate Market that is San Antonio. Anthony wanted to re-brand and re-create his real estate brand, so that it would separate his company from the competition.

Re-imagine the future of Anthony Boelens Realty today.

We started off thinking about the longevity and the importance a great brand would need to become. We sampled some of those most important things that made up the real estate company, and created a combination that is hard to resist.

We went above and beyond creating a custom Anthony Boelens pattern design, luxury business cards and marketing materials, as well as presentation folders, brochures and so much more.

Aria Dental

Aria Dental was in search of help to better understand and align with it’s target customer.

Recently acquired dental practice, was in search of an identity and digital marketing presence that would help align itself to its current customer, as well as establish itself in the area as a cutting edge dental practice.

Better Research, Better Brand, Better Clarity.

By taking the necessary time to research the existing market and area, we were able to really identify and define Aria Dental’s target market. Our discovery drove the design and communication of the new brand, and it helped our team to set the foundation for Aria Dental.

After designing the Aria Brand, we took on the task of creating a lead generation online website, that would provide the audience with the information it needed quickly, while allowing users to easily set appointments.

Abel A. Dominguez Law

Establish and strong online and offline presence.

The Law Offices of Abel A. Dominguez have been practicing law in the area for over 30 years. The existing way of doing business needed a shift in the aspect of marketing. The Law Office needed to re-brand itself as well as create an online presence that would help new and existing customers easily find the Law Firm and schedule consultations.

Improving the brand, and the online presence.

We were able to re-brand the law firm, and help to find its identity both offline and online. We built an online presence that has served as a lead generation magnet, allowing visitors to quickly register online for a free consultation. This has helped Abel A.Dominguez to schedule between 8-10 new consultations per week.

Contegrity Expert Group

Contegrity Expert Group, new company in search of a new brand.

Contegrity Expert Group is a new company that is the single point of contact for the legal community. They streamline the medical expert process making it simple for the attorney as well as the expert. Their new company needed a strong and effective brand.

CEG loved their new brand as it spoke to their desired identity

Contegrity Expert Group loved the brand identity we came up with and felt it spoke exactly to their vision and expectation for their new company. They loved the clean modern approach and quickly desired a complete stationary and marketing material package.

Goebel Custom Pools

Pool Company in search of a new brand and identity online

Goebel Custom Pools recently opened its doors locally and really wanted to find its place in the current custom pool builder marketplace. The owner of the company desired a brand and an identity that spoke to their company values and beliefs. They strive as a company to provide the best quality possible while ensuring their client’s overall satisfaction.

Modern Clean Visually Appealing Identity

We helped create a modern clean brand and identity that matched the quality and values of the company. The owner fell in love with the overall look and feel of both the brand and the website. We helped create a website that not only provided valuable information, but converted visitors into leads.

After implementing our appointment lead generation system, Goebel Custom Pools saw an increase of online web inquiries that turned into real customers.