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Type:   Brand Identity
Deliverables:   Logo, Stationary, StyleGuide

Precision Tough Commercial Contractors

With a new mission, Rilla Construction Company was in search for a new identity. After several years in business, Rilla Construction Company decided it was time to focus on the brand, and messaging they are sharing with the world. They realized that it was time to better align the vision and the company with a unified brand. Primo Motif had to start with research in order to understand the target customer for their company. We had to make sure the brand we created really resonated with its target audience.

Rilla wanted a brand that would portray toughness, reliability, and seriousness. They also wanted to incorporate a Gorilla as their brand mascot. Since Rilla was named after “Gorilla”, we decided to make sure the brand incorporated their mascot, but in a more modern way. We presented to them a brand that has multiple uses such as web, print, and online media. We incorporated every color into their style guide, and have created them a brand that reflects the spirit of their original idea. With a style guide and a brand guide in place, Rilla is set to start marketing, and presenting itself into the marketplace.

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